Auchindrain Museum

On our doorstep we have a very special and unique part of Scottish history – Auchindrain Historic Township.

Once, Scotland had thousands of “townships”, small farming communities where groups of families worked together. Then, two hundred and fifty years ago, the world began to change.

The townships were replaced by modern farms, crofting and large estates. In some places the process was known as the Highland Clearances. A few townships remained, but most of these had gone by 1900. Fortunately for us, Auchindrain not only survived the Clearances but carried on with the farming traditions right up until very recently. It was the last township to survive, lasting until 1963. In fact, one of its last residents still lives locally today.

Nowadays the farming has finished and the township has no permanent occupants except Cat Liath, the Auchindrain cat. You can step back into the past though and see what life used to be like for local people.

The township is normally open 7 days a week from the beginning of April until the end of October. Over the winter the buildings and Visitor Centre are closed, but you can still explore the site. In fact, be sure to mention if you live in Furnace, Minard or Inveraray, as there are special rates for the most local visitors.

For more information, including special arrangements during the Covid-19 crisis, and opening times visit the Auchindrain website or telephone: +44(0)1499 500235. You can also contact the township by e-mail on [email protected]