Community Council

What is a Community Council?

Scotland set up this most local tier of government several years ago and Furnace is one of 56 in the Argyll and Bute Council area.

Here we discuss many and varied issues which affect the village and its residents. Regular items, for example, are the environment (we organise regular village cleanups), planning issues, roads, and other infrastructure issues.

The council also receives funding from the An Suidhe Windfarm Trust which enables us to fund small projects within the community up to £250 each – to a total of £1,000 each year.

When do we Meet?

The community council meets on the 4th Thursday of the month at 7.30pm in Furnace Village Hall. All meetings are open to residents and minutes of the meetings are posted here, on the village notice board outside the hall and on the Everything Furnace Facebook page. A local councillor and representation from the police do try and attend.

Covid 19

Due to Covid restrictions and the hall being out of bounds and social distancing and safety of residents a priority the council has been meeting by Zoom. We continue to publise these events and they continue to be open to all.

Zoom Community Council meeting November 26th 2020

Community Council Members

Every 4 years residents elect Community Council members with up to two co-optees allowed to swell the ranks and learn the ropes.

Currently positions are filled by: Lynda Syed (Chair), Phil Whale (Treasurer). Other members are: Martin Wilson, Sharon McInnes, Ruth Tott and Mark Boston.

2021 Minutes

CC Minutes September 24th 2021

CC Minutes August 26th 2021

CC Minutes(including AGM) June 24th 2021

CC Minutes May 27th 2021

CC Minutes April 22nd 2021

CC Minutes February 25th 2021

2020 Minutes

CC Minutes November 26th 2020

CC Minutes October 22nd 2020

CC Minutes September 24th 2020

CC Minutes August 27th 2020

2019 Minutes

CC Minutes November 27th 2019

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CC Minutes March 28th 2019

CC Minutes January 24th 2019