Because the lands where Furnace village stands had two owners, the community developed in different phases. The name Inverleacan was rarely used; the people clustered about the mouth of the river either lived on the farm of Goatfield or the farm of Craleckan.

The records of Cumlodden Estate, held in the Mitchell Library Glasgow as part of the Campbell of Garscube Papers (Garscube, now owned by the University of Glasgow, was the main Campbell of Succoth property) show that Goatfield was divided into 14 crofts or smallholdings, with the house usually occupied by a shooting tenant. There were also crofts at Brenchoille: the ruin of one, known as “Number 10”, was visible until the trees were planted by the forestry. It was occupied by a family of Sinclairs, who later lived at “Fasgadh” in Furnace. Craleckan, on the other hand, was usually only divided into two.