History Walk

By popular request local historian Duncan Beaton lead a party (with masks on and keeping our distance) around the village pointing out bits of interest linked to Furnace’s history. Redwell Park, for instance, is so named as there was a well at the bottom which had red water due to the iron, the Galloping Brae was down the hill from Auchindrain coming into Furnace at the start of what we know of now as Leacainn Forest Walk, galloping because the horses picked up speed. We saw parts of the old bridge, were shown where shops once stood proud and flourishing and numerous churches stood serving a busy community.

We discovered old bridges, found out about the shops and quite a bit about the characters that trod the well worn paths through the village through the years.

More history walks are being planned, including a trip around the drovers ways in Spring. If you are interested then keep a look out on the village notice board and on Everything Furnace Facebook page or contact ruthtott(at)